About EarthKynd

Throughout every stage in our life cycle, we’re forever growing, changing and becoming something new. Just as our food today becomes leftovers tomorrow, our waste today becomes new life tomorrow, thanks to EarthKynd.

Whether you’re at home or at work, your waste has a purpose as it was always meant to.

EarthKynd aligns our technological innovations with a natural, purposeful approach to replenish our Earth. With the advancements of the Oklin, our waste becomes a meaningful solution to reducing landfill, nourishing our soil and growing nature’s offerings for our planet to sustainably thrive on.

Whether it’s a compostable kitchen utensil, packaging or sanitary item, our Oklin will re-purpose your waste into fertiliser, plants, vegetables, dinner and then back to fertiliser to remain forever useful for our environment, and future.

We combine our love for the Earth by repurposing everyday items from our lives into compatible products for our Oklin. This composting unit utilizes Acidulo® microbes to decompose organic waste in just 24 hours, producing a nutrient-rich soil amendment to become our food for our earth, and become a part of nature’s restorative cycle.

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