Where the office becomes a sustainable haven.

EarthKynd offers simple, sustainable solutions for our workplaces and their workers to tread a little lighter on the earth, and contribute to the extraordinary cycle of life. We know life gets busy especially in the office, so EarthKynd aims to support our corporate sector and lighten their eco-footprint with sustainable office supplies and waste management solutions.

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How can my workplace become more sustainable with EarthKynd?

EarthKynd allows our corporate spaces to reconnect with nature’s cycle, and breathe fresh life into our workplace practices. From sustainable kitchen utensils to non-harmful cleaning products and even a communal Oasis for all staff to enjoy, EarthKynd purposefully brings nature’s balance back into our offices.

There’s no better way for your staff to reduce food waste and repurpose their leftovers than with our Oklin GG-02 composting unit. The GG-02 is sleek and compactful design, and can be easily installed within staff kitchen areas, close to the source of food waste. Where your staff’s lunch leftovers become vegetables, and office cleaning supplies become thriving office plants, EarthKynd is restoring nature’s cycle of life and growth for our corporate sector.

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How EarthKynd helps businesses.