Composting Unit

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Introducing the most technologically advanced home compost bin - the Oklin. Repurposing our waste into fresh life by utilising Acidulo® microbes, your morning coffee brew becomes food for plants within 24 hours.

Ideal for small-scale waste generators such as households, offices, schools and coffee shops, the Oklin can receive up to 5kg of waste per day, and return it the next day as pure, nutritious fertiliser, intended to nourish our Earth.

It’s sleek, simple and compactful design means the Oklin can effortlessly adapt to all environments whether it’s at the office, at home or in the classroom.


The composting unit speeds up the natural composting process to a 24 hour, energy-efficient and automated process. The composting chamber has internal rotating propellors for mechanical agitation, and an oil jacket for insulation. Using Acidulo® microbes, our unique composting technology achieves a reduction of food waste up to 85-90% as odourless vapour, leaving the remaining 10-15% as a nutrient-rich soil amendment.


Begin installing the unit by connecting one end of the exhaust hose to the back of the machine. Ensure the hose is not bent at any place, otherwise water can build up inside. The included parts for the window installation can be easily clipped onto a window that opens and shuts vertically or horizontally and adjusted to the size of the window.
For a more permanent fixture, the exhaust can be connected to plumbing. Connect the exhaust hose to the pipe under the kitchen sink, or wherever is suitable for the air flow to enter an appropriate plumbing system. More setup details can be found in the user manual.
For an outdoor alternative, the machine must be installed undercover and away from moisture. Ensure the machine is installed on a floor that is solid and stable. Do not install on grass, dirt or an uneven surface.
Once the machine is installed in an area of your preference, connect the cable into a powerpoint and wait for the blue indicator to turn on the top of the composting unit.

    Approximately 60% of the average Australian domestic bin is comprised of organic materials. Each composting unit can divert up to 2 tonnes of food waste from landfill per year. Whether at home or at work, your waste has a purpose as it was always meant to. Help reduce the amount of methane gas generated from organic waste, decrease carbon emissions and reduce landfill with EarthKynd.

    • Two 5L Microbe sawdust bags
    • Exhaust hose and holder
    • Leveling wedge
    • Scraper
    • Small shovel
    • PVC elbow
    • Manual
    • Space filler
    • Link x 2
    • Double sided tape
    • Wedge 

    Input Capacity:

    5kg daily / 2 tonnes annum.

    Cycle Time:

    24 hours

    Electricity Usage:


    Power Usage:

    60-90kwh / month


    400 x 400 x 780 (mm)