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Here's what our community has to say...

Brilliant piece of a equipment that has transformed the way our office think about their lunch and their waste. There should be one of these composting machines in every office across Sydney. Thank you for the professional service also!

Russell Johnson

We are so happy with our Earthkynd Composter that we purchased for our vegan business its made a real impact how we as a company can do our little part to help the environment and the planet it is best business decision we have done to date.

Brad Anderson

We have the EarthKynd composting unit here in our co-working space in Alexandria, and it's such a fantastic addition to the communal kitchen! It's a great feeling to be discarding our food leftovers into the composting unit, and then taking home the compost / soil to fertilise our plants.

Belinda McPhee

About Oklin Composting Machine.

It’s the kitchen compost bin revolutionising our waste. In just 24 hours, your waste becomes a pure, nourishing fertiliser to grow next month’s groceries. Learn how the Oklin Composting Unit can keep up with your kitchen and save 2 tonnes of waste and landfill each year.

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