Become a sustainable home for your family's future with EarthKynd.

Now more than ever, It’s becoming more and more important to implement sustainable living ideas at home and throughout our everyday lives. With approximately 60% of the average domestic bin made of up organic materials, EarthKynd’s mission is to restore nature’s balance of growing, consuming and decomposing our organic resources to sustain our planet’s future.

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How does EarthKynd create sustainable homes?

EarthKynd creates purposeful change in recycling and waste for the whole family to become involved in. Instead of using standard, single-use kitchen utensils, swap them for our EarthKytchen items, ready to be converted into nutritious fertiliser with our Oklin home composting bin. Instead of standard, single-use face wipes or sanitary items, EarthKynd offers compostable products for personal hygiene that can be repurposed for future resources.

Create a sustainable home your family can be proud of, by ensuring your leftovers are never left over. Where last night’s dinner becomes fresh flowers next month, sustainable solutions become fun for the whole family to get involved in. From EarthKytchen to EarthKleaning items, EarthKynd products will compliment sustainable homes and create ongoing, meaningful waste to be repurposed as nature always intended.

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