Becoming Sustainable Schools with Earthkynd.

With the future of our generation at risk from arising environmental concerns, there’s never been a better time to introduce sustainable practices in schools.

EarthKynd’s mission is to encourage students, teachers and communities to create meaningful purpose in their consumption habits, and contribute to the growth of new beginnings. There’s no better place to start than with the future of our generation, and teaching them to become conscious EarthKyds.

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How does EarthKynd offer sustainable ideas for schools?

Whether it’s a primary school classroom, or a small preschool with children under 5, it’s never too early to improve sustainability in schools. EarthKynd’s mission is to educate our younger generations that nature has no waste, and everything has a purpose.

By installing an Oklin composting unit into your classroom, EarthKyds have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of repurposing compostable and organic waste into new life, ready to be nourished and grown as vegetation or food for the earth. Building gardens to grow plants, vegetables and herbs within educational facilities with the Oklin-generated fertiliser allows students to become fully integrated into nature’s restorative cycle.

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