Create sustainability in the workplace with Earthkynd.

EarthKynd recognises that even with the best intentions, sustainability in the workplace cannot be solved with just one strategy. With approximately 20 million tonnes of waste ending up as landfill every year in Australia, EarthKynd’s mission is to bring back nature’s cycle into our workplaces.

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How does EarthKynd create sustainable office solutions?

Whether you’re in a large corporate enterprise, or a small boutique office space, Earthkynd enables workplaces to create a purposeful change in their team’s recycling and waste. Create memorable moments within your team as they throw leftovers from lunch into the Oklin, to become soil the next day, and nourish your EarthKynd Oasis’ plants and vegetables to use for next month’s lunch.

Designed to revolutionise sustainable office design ideas, the EarthKynd Oasis is an eco-display suite for workplaces to house the Oklin composting unit with shelving units to store and grow vegetation from the Oklin-generated fertilizer. Your staff can work together harmoniously to learn sustainable, horticulture skills to continue utilising in the office and at home.

Our compostable EarthKleaning and EarthKytchen items will compliment your workplace with sustainable products for all to enjoy and consume throughout the working week. Once the week is over, your staff can take a bag (compostable of course) full of nutritious fertiliser at the end of the day to nourish their gardens and plants at home. Where your staff’s morning coffee becomes spring flowers, EarthKynd restores the extraordinary cycle that Mother Earth naturally intended.

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