Where the workplace becomes a sustainable Oasis...

Where the humble office pot plant becomes a thriving green sanctuary, the EarthKynd Oasis offers workplaces sustainable solutions for their staff to interact with and incorporate into their daily routines.

EarthKynd’s corporate innovations offer workplaces a communal sanctuary to house our Oklin composting unit, complete with shelving units and storage space to grow, nourish and consume vegetation utilising the Oklingenerated fertiliser.

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How can we implement the EarthKynd Oasis into our office space?

Simple - choose from any of our three standard designs that suit your workplace, let us know of any specifications and then sit back and relax as our EarthKynd team brings fresh life to your office space with our Oasis. Corners are of high preference, allow a segregated space for your Oasis to thrive in a secluded environment.

Where your staff’s lunch leftovers become nutritious fertiliser to grow into healthy plantation for your staff to consume all over again, the EarthKynd Oasis is the most innovative workplace solution to incorporating sustainable practices for the whole team to enjoy.

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