composting with earthkynd

Composting With EarthKynd

By matilda mcphee

composting with earthkynd

Composting is one of the most cost-effective, sustainable methods to reduce landfill, nourish your plants and retain moisture in your garden’s soil. Although many households and workplaces feel limited in their composting methods due to lack of gardening space, composting has never been easier thanks to EarthKynd. No longer do you need to invest in earthworms, outdoor compost bins or put up unpleasant smells if your compost is off-balanced - EarthKynd has created the most simplified, sustainable solution to allow households of all size to compost daily with ease!

First off, why is composting important?

As the third highest waste generator in Australia according to the, 60% of the average household is made up of organic materials, which is resulting in approx. 6.4 million tonnes every year. EarthKynd’s mission is to reduce this number significantly by 500 tonnes every year from 2021, through efficient composting processes. Any type of waste that enters landfill, whether its recyclable, plastic or organic, releases greenhouse gases (primarily methane) as it decomposes without oxygen. These gases accumulate in the atmosphere, and are considered one of the biggest drivers of global warming. Composting mimics nature’s process by utilising oxygen to break down waste over time, and therefore massively reduces carbon emissions and landfill rates!

Not only is compost great for the environment and sustainable waste solutions, it’s also great for the garden! Compost strengthens soil and replenishes the moisture in our earth. Adding compost to soil reduces the need for fertiliser or pesticides, as the healthy bacteria found in compost helps to fight off harmful pests and diseases.  Compost also contains a greater variety of nutrients than fertilizers, because it is made with so many different types of materials. 

So what makes composting with EarthKynd so unique?

EarthKynd is the first brand in Australia to introduce a composting unit that utilises Acidulo® microbes to decompose organic waste in just 24 hours. 85-90% of the waste is decomposed to odourless vapour, leaving the remaining 10-15% producing a nutrient-rich soil amendment to fertilise your plants, herbs, flowers and garden with! Thanks to EarthKynd, your kids’ leftovers becomes nutritious soil, then becomes food for your plants which becomes food for you all over again! EarthKynd creates a circular economy that can easily be implemented in any household, office space or school environment. It’s as simple as throwing your leftovers in the bin once setup, then opening it back up after 24 hours to reveal a nutrient-rich soil!

Why is composting with EarthKynd so simple for everyone?

Composting with EarthKynd is ideal for families, offices and those unfamiliar with traditional composting methods due to the sleek, compact design of our composting unit, the variety of materials it can decompose and the easy setup instructions. The composting unit can take up to 5kg per day of waste including paper, egg shells, seeds, vegetables and fruits, bones and meat as well as home certified compostable items. Each unit comes with a manual for setup which is available online, and has a simplified process. The machine can easily be setup in any kitchen or undercover area as long as it has access to a powerpoint.

How can we compost with EarthKynd?

Thanks to our 24 hour composting system, the long and cumbersome process of decomposing is no longer necessary. 

Step 1: Using the EarthKynd Manual, set up your composting unit somewhere undercover (preferably indoors near a window and powerpoint).

Step 2: Open up the unit, empty its contents until completely empty, then using the instruction manual, add the Acidulo® microbes and water.

Step 3: Connect the machine to power and turn on.

Step 4: For a more permanent fixture, connect the exhaust hose from the unit to the pipe system under the kitchen sink, out of the window space holders or wherever suitable for the air flow to exit appropriately through. More setup details can be found in the user manual.

Step 5: Allow the machine 24 hours to run smoothly, then start with 1kg of food waste throughout the following day. Over a period of 4 days add 1kg of organic waste each day as you work up to the maximum 5kg amount of food waste.

Want to know more? Book your appointment to visit our EarthKynd sanctuary in Alexandria, NSW to experience our composting units in person! Head to our Contact page now and leave your details behind so one of our team can contact you shortly!