How EarthKynd Began

How EarthKynd Began

By Matilda McPhee

How EarthKynd Began

Where the family’s leftovers becomes nutritious fertiliser in as little as 24 hours, EarthKynd is a revolutionary brand offering the most technologically-advanced home composting system for households, offices and small-scale waste generators.

With over 60% of the average household bin made up of organic waste, there’s never been a better time to start implementing efficient waste management solutions for all to become involved in. EarthKynd is changing the way consumers dispose of their food leftovers and other compostable items to ensure they don’t end up in landfill or harm the environment.


How was EarthKynd created?

EarthKynd was originally created to offer a solution to compostable packaging from a problem identified by our brother-company PREPAC Packaging Solutions. Many consumers are unaware that compostable packaging must be separated from other materials for processing, in order to be disposed of correctly. Compostable packaging requires specific conditions, including temperature, oxygen and humidity in order to break down properly and avoid resulting in landfill.



PREPAC wanted to ensure that their high-quality compostable packaging was making the sustainable changes the company had intended.  After many years of research, PREPAC partnered with Oklin International Ltd., to provide our clients with sustainable solutions for compostable packaging. Oklin provides food waste solutions for a variety of commercial uses, from restaurants to large-scale institutions. Utilising microbial technology, their composting machines reduce waste volume by up to 90%, decrease disposal costs, and create a nutrient-rich fertiliser that can be returned back to the environment and nourish the earth.

From there, EarthKynd was created.

As a small yet passionate team, we all brainstormed ways for our new product to become a  brand. We review name options that represented the brand’s mentality towards our Earth and compostable solutions, whilst appealing to a wide audience who values modern technology, consumer trends and dynamic, upbeat brands. We named the company EarthKynd, and then got to work building our brand to align with a wholesome community who could share our passion for compost! Utilising our soft pastel colour palette of blues, pinks, orange in contrast with our strong dark blue, we evoked a soft, calming, feminine yet memorable brand concept that would visually appeal to families, offices and schools. Our business is now growing into an energetic community who thrives on sharing composting tips, information and news to nourish our earth and prevent organic waste resulting as landfill.


EarthKynd is now evolving all over Australia.

"I would definitely recommend the EarthKynd composting unit to every office across Sydney. I think it's something that we should all be more responsible for and conscious of, and make better decisions with our food wherever possible. I would say most definitely, this is something that every office should get behind." - Russell Johnson, Managing Director of @ikuwholefood. 

Since March 2021, EarthKynd has now launched and is already receiving huge praise from the community. Hospitality venues, preschools, households, communal workspaces and corporate offices across NSW and Victorian states are now restoring nature’s cycle with the Oklin composting unit. Our mission is to save 500 tonnes per year of organic food waste resulting in landfill, and with the help of our EarthKynd community, we’re well on our way already!